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There are so many different things to see and do in Nepal that you will be spoilt for choice when you visit. There are temples, shrines, monuments and statues. Colorful festivals with ancient traditions will brighten even the gloomiest of days, while a visit to one of Nepal’s theaters will inspire, entertain and even educate you. There are many different aspects of the country’s culture which are just waiting to be discovered. Most do this by visiting the many museums and art galleries in Nepal.

Not every art gallery in Nepal displays your typical fine art and sculpture that you’d expect to find. The Moti Azima Gallery is a definite exception. Not only does the building itself seem somewhat unexceptional when you first find it, but the subject matter is far different from any other gallery in the country. The Moti Azima Gallery in Nepal is a showcase of local handmade items – from utensils to dolls. Here you will find traditional items, used in every day life over the centuries, and a beautiful selection of local hand crafted items. There is also an excellent selection of handmade dolls that represent the various ethnic groups in the area. The Moti Azima Gallery provides excellent insight into traditional social customs and styles of living and the entire gallery is housed in the medieval house which was typical of the sort of house owned by a Newar family during that period. The Moti Azima Gallery is therefore a combination of history, culture, art and handicrafts and a trip to this gallery will not only fascinate you but prove to be a very informative trip into the past of Nepal.

You will find the Moti Azima Gallery in a rather unimportant looking building which is three stories high and has quite a narrow front. The building is situated in Bhimsenthan in Kathmandu en route to Visnumati bridge and one would walk right past it were it not for the small, inconspicuous sign outside. The gallery is privately owned and not only features a gallery but a boutique shop where you can purchase mementos to remind you of your visit. The gallery is open from Sunday to Friday and adds a whole new dimension to any visit to Nepal.

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