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If you are an art lover that is looking for something a little different the next time you visit Nepal, why not give the Nepal Art Council Gallery a try? This excellent gallery displays both local and international artworks, which are both contemporary and traditional, in an effort broaden the horizons of local art lovers. The gallery regularly hosts a variety of excellent exhibitions in its massive exhibition area and it attracts all kinds of people who are usually quite curious and want to know more.

The Nepal Art Council Gallery is a non-government organization which offers locals and any other interested persons the opportunity to become more familiar with the art world. Instead of focusing on art sales and supporting a permanent gallery, the Nepal Art Council Gallery chooses to place greater emphasis on the holding of regular art exhibitions. These may feature a variety of local art, focus on the art from one particular nation or enjoy a combination of both. The exhibition area is quite large and thus provides an excellent place to display a variety of paintings, sculpture and other artwork. In fact these exhibitions have been so well chosen in the past that the gallery has gained an international reputation for exhibition excellence.

One example of such an exhibition was the ‘Discover Japan through Contemporary Posters’ exhibit that was held in February 2002. This excellent display of contemporary artwork was organized by the Embassy of Japan and the then Chairman of the Nepal Art Council and was held at the Nepal Art Council Gallery. It ran for one week and was open to the public daily, enabling local art enthusiasts to get an idea of contemporary Japanese life, culture and tradition by closely examining the some 75 different posters that were drawn up by a selection of top Japanese graphic designers. It certainly drew a massive response and was one of the gallery’s many successful exhibitions.

The Nepal Art Council Gallery is one of the top art galleries in Nepal. It is situated in Babar Mahal near the Tribhuvan International Airport and is never a disappointment. So make sure you include a visit to this excellent gallery in your travel plans.

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