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Nepal has long been a country of mystery and wonder. From the awe-inspiring mountains to the lush green vegetation of the many fabulous national parks, inspiration is everywhere. Colorful religious traditions and striking sculptures and monuments further provide the mental food that an artist needs. All these different elements combine in a swirl of color and emotion at the NEF-ART Gallery – one of the top art galleries in Nepal.

Also known as the Nepal Fine Art Gallery, the NEF-ART Gallery in Nepal is an excellent place to go if you are looking for art by some of the country’s leading fine art artists. Filled to the brim with stirring artwork from Nepal, this excellent museum showcases both traditional and contemporary art. Art has always played an integral role in the culture and religion of Nepal with icons and statues long being used in worship. Over the years, the art of Nepal made the transitional leap from religion to commerce with more and more beautiful Nepali artworks being chosen for their artistic and decorative value instead of their religious significance. People from across the globe have seen fit to purchase these remarkably stirring artworks and either take them home or sell them on in other countries where their value can be appreciated by people from around the world. Today, when dealers and buyers come to Nepal looking for art, they know that the NEF-ART Gallery is always a good place to start.

The NEF-ART Gallery is well known for its preference for displaying traditional Nepalese sculptures and paintings. Traditional Nepalese paintings are known locally as ‘Paubhas’. If you see a sign outside the gallery informing the public of a ‘Paubhas display’ being held inside, you can be sure that you are in luck. Such displays of traditional Nepalese paintings are held at the gallery every once in a while and they give buyers and art students an excellent perception of the sort of idealistic art style that characterizes this type of art. These include flat, bright colors; intricate outlines; a Buddhist or Hindu theme and an idealistic way of expressing the concept behind the artwork. The NEF-ART Gallery is just a short work down Gabahal Street off Patan Durbar Square. Make sure that you don’t miss this excellent gallery.

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