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Nepal is a beautiful country and one just has to look around at the picturesque views to realize that it is home to many natural wonders. Within the borders of the country you will find part of the Himalaya mountain range, which includes the tallest mountain in the world, the magnificent Mount Everest. The people here are really spoiled for choice when it comes to subject matter to paint and so it is no wonder that there are so many art galleries located in one country. Many of these galleries can be found in the Kathmandu valley, which is a vibrant and lively region filled with visitors and pilgrims that have traveled there to attend one of the many temples and shrines that literally line the streets.

The J ART Gallery is one of the galleries where you will be able to find some amazing examples of the artwork produced by the local artists in Kathmandu. The gallery is located in Durbar Marg, a prominent area in Kathmandu, not far from the Royal Palace. Durbar Marg is near the Tribhuvan International Airport, which will take you fifteen minutes by car, so is easily accessible. Durbar Marg is a peaceful area but can become very busy during festivals like the Indra Jatra that takes places once a year. Apart from the art galleries in Durbar Marg there are also well-known sights and historical attractions that you can go visit as well.

The J ART Gallery displays and sells, as mentioned before, local art works completed by recognized painters in Kathmandu and from around the rest of the country. Every few months the gallery puts on an exhibition displaying artwork collected from one particular artist or a range of artists to give them a little more exposure. You will often find local diplomats and foreigners coming and supporting the J ART Gallery and their artists. Remember to visit J ART Gallery whenever you are next in Kathmandu, you are assured to come out of the art gallery with an authentic piece of art in hand.

Kathmandu is a unique city where one can really experience the traditional lifestyles of the Nepalese people while still enjoying the modern luxuries. You will really get a bit more insight into the lives of local people here when you visit the art galleries because a lot of their lives, landscapes and emotions are displayed openly for you to see.

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