Annapurna - Goddess of the Harvest

Nepal has gained fame and popularity for its mountains, to be specific the Himalayas. It is home to the greatest mountain climbing extravaganza in the world. Here, climbers and trekkers can choose from 238 mountains that are above 6 000 meters in height and eight of the fourteen mountain peaks in the world, over 8 000. These monster mountains of Nepal are Mount Everest (the highest in the world), Lhotse, Dhaulagiri, Kanchanjunga, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Makalu and last but not least, Annapurna.

The tenth highest peak in the world, Annapurna, is located on the Kali Gandak River, and has a peak on either side of its massif. These peaks are known as Annapurna I and Annapurna II. The name Annapurna can be translated into two versions, "Goddess of the Harvest" or "The Provider".

There are many mountains in Nepal, but few with the magnificent views and options that Annapurna has to offer. The two trekking circuits of Annapurna are the Village Trek and the Circuit Trek. The Circuit Trek consists of trade paths that were used in ancient times for trade between Tibet and Nepal and the region still overflows with a diverse mixture of Hinduism, Bon-Po and Buddhism. On this breathtaking trek, you will be supplied with many photographic opportunities of the Annapurna Mountain and the Dhaulagiri Mountain, including spectacular landscapes and many Nepalese wildlife species. This 300 kilometer trek circles the magnificent mountain and reaches altitudes of 5 300 meters. The Annapurna Village Trek concentrates on the foothills of the mountain, scenery and the small villages that are found along the way.

Annapurna has been steeped in triumph, but has also had its share of tragedy, such as in May 2005. Christian Kuntner, a 44 year-old Italian climber, was fatally injured during an avalanche. Another member of the team narrowly escaped death with sustaining serious injuries. These accidents are a reminder to us of the danger that comes with mountain climbing and that climbers should never loose their respect or awareness for the mountain they climb. But, no matter what the dangers or risks are, adventure seekers and mountain climbers will keep returning to conquer the mountain and overcome their own fear.


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