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Over the years many people have taken up the challenge of scaling the world’s greatest mountains but few have received the level of recognition enjoyed by those who have been the first to conquer some of Nepal’s greatest mountains. Some of these climbers in Nepal have attempted to conquer Mount Everest – the biggest and most challenging of them all. Others have attempted to conquer other large mountains, such as Annapurna, while still others have rediscovered new routes up mountains that have been climbed more than once. Over time these legendary names have made their way into the history books mainly because of their contribution to future generations who attempt to climb Mount Everest.

One of these was Reinhold Messner, a small Italian with a big heart. Messner started his climbing in Nepal by tackling Nanga Parbat with his brother Gunther and a man by the name of Gerhard Baur. The climb was hazardous and Messner’s younger brother never made it off the mountain alive. Nevertheless, Messner continued to have a strong desire to conquer the world’s biggest mountains. He eventually tackled all fourteen mountains over 8 000 meters in the world and even climbed Everest without the assistance of an oxygen tank.

Of course we need not even discuss the legendary Edmund Hillary who was the first man to conquer Mount Everest. He was later knighted for his magnificent accomplishment and his contribution to mankind in general, having lead many expeditions to the far flung corners of the earth for a number of purposes. He was also actively involved in the preservation of a number of natural areas over the years.

There are other names that also come to mind. That of Sherman Bull, the oldest man to climb Mount Everest at age 64, Herbert Tichy, the first man to conquer the 8201 meter high mountain of Cho Oyu and Doug Scott who was the first British man to climb Everest. Peter Habeler should also not be left out. This brilliant Viennese climber started climbing at the tender age of six. At the age of thirty-six Habeler became the first person to climb Everest without the help of an oxygen mask. Today he runs a climbing school in his hometown of Mayrhofen in Austria. So read up more about these incredibly climbers and get inspired for your next trip to Nepal.

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