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  • Sacred Site of Namo Buddha

    Khenpo Thrangu Rinpoche, born in Tibet in 1933, is considered to be the ninth incarnation of Thrangu Rinponche. In 1976 he established the Namo Buddha retreat center located about two and a ...

  • National Tourism Fair 2065

    The National Tourism Board of Nepal hosted the National Tourism Fair 2065 on 6 to 8 June 2065 (2008 on the Gregorian calendar). This three day event took place at the United World Trade ...

  • Losar – Tibetan New Year

    Every year certain cultures celebrate the heralding of the New Year according to their own calendars which they have been using for centuries. In Tibet, the New Year is known as ‘Losar’ and ...

  • Supporting Local Communities Through Ecotourism

    With its spectacular mountains and remote villages where time seems to stand still, Nepal is the perfect destination for ecotourism. Defined by the International Ecotourism Society as: ...

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What to See

  • Art Galleries

    Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery

    The Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery is located in Kathmandu, on the grounds of the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition. It was founded in 1985 and consists of the collaboration of art pieces created by both painters and sculptors. Visitors will be able to view the masterpieces that were created by the hands of well-known artists and explore the work that will create the talented artists of ...

  • Expeditions

    George Leigh Mallory

    George Leigh Mallory was a man of great ambition. This he proved time and time again through his many climbing expeditions, including three of the first attempts in the early 1920’s through the uncharted range of Mount Everest.

  • News


    It is always a good idea try to find out what the weather will be like at your place of destination. Not only does it help you to pack appropriate clothing for your stay, but it also helps you to ensure that your journey will be everything you want it to be. For example, you would not want to visit a ski-resort in the middle of summer unless that ski resort actually had snow.

  • Airports

    Jumla Airport

    If you are thinking of traveling to Jumla the next time you visit Nepal, you should definitely investigate the option of flying to Jumla Airport. Flying is a quick, safe and convenient form of alternative transport in Nepal. In fact, air transport is probably the only way to gain access to Jumla since the area is still not connected to the national road network. Flying also gives travelers ...

  • Community


    Interesting in finding a mate? Perhaps you'd prefer to just enjoy a bit of light internet dating. We have a great selection of singles just waiting to meet you! Big or small, male or female, young and old, you can be sure that you will find exactly the sort of person you are looking for by browsing our dating page. True love may be only a click of the mouse away. Who knows what might ...

  • Central


    Whether you are a Buddhist or not, a trip to the ancient village of Lumbini is essential. No trip to Nepal would be complete without time spent at the place of Buddha’s birth. Once reported to be an incredibly beautiful network of gardens and trees which beautified the homes and lives of those who lived here, Lumbini today seems to place a stronger emphasis on the ancient ruins that have ...

  • Activities

    Mountain Flights

    Nepal is a beautiful country, diverse in its many habitats ranging to some of the most extreme on the highest mountain ranges in the whole world. For those who have the chance to get away and travel, this is definitely a country to explore in-depth. There is an amazing variety of ways to see the countryside and all depends on the experience you would like to have. Some travelers are pure ...

  • Culture


    Many of us tend to think of Sherpas as a group of specialized porters, but they are in reality one of the ethnic groups of peoples that can be found in the beautiful mountainous regions of Nepal. Geographically speaking Sherpas are generally found in the high, eastern regions of the Himalayas and some 3,000 Sherpas can be found in the Khumbu valley near Mount Everest. There are well over ...


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