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  • Third THEM Victory to Lukla Competitor

    Held every year on May 29, the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (THEM) commemorates the pioneering Everest expedition by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. The 2012 event had a total ...

  • Nepal’s Magical Mountains

    One of the most well known legends concerning Mount Everest revolves around the 1924 climbing expedition by British mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. The two were seen making a ...

  • Vipassana Meditation – A Spiritual Experience in Nepal

    There are a number of Vipassana Meditation Centers in Nepal and around the world. The courses offered at these Meditation Centers are based on the teachings of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Over the ...

  • The Festival of Gathemangal

    Visitors to the fascinating country of Nepal are likely to encounter a festival at just about any time of the year. Gathemangal is a prominent festival among the Newari population of Nepal, ...

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What to See

  • Culture


    Nepal is a country of great diversity with 36 ethnic groups, several language groups and many religions. The music of Nepal is just as motley, ranging from folk music to music associated with religious activities, classical music and a collection of contemporary styles. Songs and music videos from Nepal can be downloaded on the Internet and are a great way to immerse yourself in Nepali ...

  • Sherpas

    Pemba Dorje

    Living among some of the most magnificent mountains in Nepal is a small group of people called the Sherpa. For over five hundred years, the Sherpas have made the Himalayan Mountain range their home and are well accustomed to the harsh terrain that they live in. The Sherpas are highly regarded for their physical endurance and their expertise in mountain climbing, and are an essential element ...

  • Climbers

    Herbert Tichy

    Herbert Tichy was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1912. He spent a lot of his life traveling the world and taking part in adventures that one could only dream of. In 1987, at the age of seventy-five, Tichy passed away in his home city after having accomplished much in his life. Herbert Tichy was not only a geologist, an author and a journalist but he was also an experienced climber, having taken ...

  • Business


    Trade with other countries is an important aspect of Nepal's economy. Nepal's main export items are carpets, clothing, grain, herbal treatments and oils, pashmina and jute goods. The value of exports from Nepal as of 2005 were $822 million f.o.b. (this amount excludes border trade with India that has not been recorded). Due to several factors Nepal's exports have only increased marginally.

  • Business

    Nepal's Stock Market

    Nepal's Stock Exchange or Securities Exchange Center, as it was known then, began in 1937 with Nepal Bank Ltd and Biratnagar Jute Mills Ltd contributing flotation shares. The Securities Exchange Center was established in this country in an attempt to encourage growth in the capital markets. It also took the part of providing financial services, underwriting, brokering, managing public issue, ...

  • Theaters

    Aarohan Theatre Group

    The Aarohan Theatre Group has been in existence for more than twenty years, being established in the year 1982. It is known as a theatre group that embraces all the cultures, religions and rituals of Nepal, trying to empower the communities and even educate them on important events and topics that influences their daily lives. Aarohan works for the people of Nepal, and in the year ...

  • Expeditions

    Hillary and Norgay

    Everest, formidable and majestic as it towers above its surrounding companions, forever posing the greatest challenge to man in the world of mountain climbing. For two men however, the challenge put them forever into the history books as the first climbers to ascend Mount Everest successfully by means of the Southern-East Ridge Route.

  • National Parks

    Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

    The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve first came about in 1976, when it became apparent that there was a great need to protect the beautiful but rare water buffalo, resident of the waters along the eastern border of Bangladesh. Later in 1987 it was declared a Ramsar site.


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