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  • Hidden Treasures Discovered in Mustang

    Lying on the Tibet-Nepal border, the region of Upper Mustang is a restricted area of Nepal which only a limited number of outsiders are permitted access to each year. In 2007 a team led by a ...

  • Explore the Barandabhar Corridor Forest

    Located in the Chitwan District of Nepal, the Barandabhar Corridor Forest is a long, narrow strip of land, covering and an area of 87.9 square kilometers, and dividing the district into east ...

  • Nepal: Walking the Silent Path

    In all of Nepal, Mount Kailash has been identified as one of the three most sacred places on Earth. Located in western Tibet, pilgrims have traveled here for nearly 15,000 years, believing their ...

  • The Sivalik Hills of Nepal

    Reaching heights of between 600 and 1,200 meters, the Sivalik Hills stretch for a distance of around 1,600 kilometers from the Teesta River in the Indian state of Sikkim, through Nepal, ...

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What to See

  • Trekking

    Mustang Trek

    Nepal is a beautiful country filled with so much history and tradition, a lot of which is linked to the Hindu and Buddhist religion. Mustang is one of the regions that make up Nepal and the local people often call it "The Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal" - a name which is quite apt for the region. Mustang is located in the middle of the Himalayas mountain range making it quite a harsh and barren ...

  • Business


  • Mountains


    Over the years many people have taken up the challenge of scaling the world’s greatest mountains but few have received the level of recognition enjoyed by those who have been the first to conquer some of Nepal’s greatest mountains. Some of these climbers in Nepal have attempted to conquer Mount Everest – the biggest and most challenging of them all. Others have attempted to conquer other ...

  • Western


    Pokhara is situated on the edge of the Pokhara Valley which is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Nepal. Here the Seti River has dug incredible canyons in the floor of the Seti Gandaki Valley. Most of these canyons are only visible from higher viewpoints but they are stunning to behold. If you wish to see what they look like, getting a little higher off the ground shouldn't be ...

  • Art Galleries

    NAFA Gallery

    The Nepal Association of Fine Arts was established in the year 1965. It was founded by King Birendra, of which he was the chairman. In 1977, the Nepal Association of Fine Arts became affiliated to the Royal Nepal Academy, and has remained a part of the Arts and Crafts Department of the Academy. The NAFA was established because of the King’s devotion to the development of art, and ...

  • Religious Sites

    Patan's Krishna temple

    Patan City is situated near to the capital city of Nepal located in the Kathmandu valley. Patan city has been made famous for the large variety of art pieces that are found in its vicinity delighting the hordes of people that come to view the sacred temples. One of the popular temples that is visited by many Hindu worshipers is the Krishna Temple.

  • Culture


    During your stay in Nepal you are certain to want to contact friends and family at home. Or you may need to contact a tour operator or someone you know in Nepal. We provide you with some information on communications in Nepal as well as details on Internet access in Nepal. Nepal is somewhat behind when it comes to infrastructure, so you shouldn't be too surprised to find that some of Nepal's ...

  • National Parks

    Khaptad National Park

    Khaptad National Park is absolutely stunning and you can enjoy hiking and some short walks in this most captivating destination. Khaptad National Park is located in the far western region of Nepal.


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