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The Nepal Association of Fine Arts was established in the year 1965. It was founded by King Birendra, of which he was the chairman. In 1977, the Nepal Association of Fine Arts became affiliated to the Royal Nepal Academy, and has remained a part of the Arts and Crafts Department of the Academy. The NAFA was established because of the King’s devotion to the development of art, and today it still carries this vision as its foundation.

To expose various talented artists to the public, the NAFA opened the NAFA Gallery in the Naxal Palace. Once home to the Rana family, this beautiful neo-classical structure embraces the latest artistic styles with the elegance it was constructed with. The desire to inspire young artists, develop both art and artists and expose the public of Nepal to fine art is evident in the exhibits that are displayed in the NAFA Gallery. It is definitely one of the richest art galleries in Nepal. The gallery itself has been divided into two sections, the Birendra Art Gallery and the general gallery. The NAFA Gallery is used to promote upcoming artists and the talents of the future by hosting temporary exhibits. The Birenda Art Gallery, on the other hand, has permanent exhibits of artwork, which consists of painting and sculptures.

The NAFA Art Gallery does differ somewhat from other art galleries in Nepal. Artists are able to exhibit their work in the gallery at a small fee and the style or structure of the pieces is unlimited. Here, artists can display their paintings, photography, crafts, traditional art, contemporary art, sculptures or any other form of art. The walls of the gallery can display approximately sixty to a hundred and fifty paintings, depending on the size of the individual pieces.

Every year, on the birthday of King Birendra, the NAFA Gallery hosts a National Arts and Crafts Exhibition, including various artistic workshops. Many artists from all corners of Nepal flock to this annual event, not only to display their work, but to win the grand prize. In each division, such as contemporary, traditional or sculptures, winners are selected, which highlights the artists work and the beauty of art in general. There are many paintings and breathtaking pieces that can be bought and visitors might be pleasantly surprised if the artist's work they selected becomes famous one day.


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Bishnu - 2011-04-07 09:37:03

how many art collecton for the National Exhibetion - 2068

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