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Whether you are traveling to or from Nepal, or within the country, you are likely enter at least one of this amazing country’s airports. Most travelers will arrive in Nepal via the Tribhuvan International Airport located in Kathmandu. This is the only international airport in the country and handles a large number of flights from both international and local airlines. From here you will find a variety of transportation to take you to your accommodation.

The only airport with a customs procedure is Tribhuyan International in Kathmandu. There are officially published approach procedures for Bhairahawa airport, Biratnagar airport, Nepalguni airport and, of course, Tribhuyan International. We have listed all 35 airports below to help you with your travel arrangements. Keep in mind that there may be a few more Nepal airports that are not listed here. Once you have decided where you’re going, why not use our ‘Flights to Nepal‘ page to help you book your ticket?



Usage Runway Length
Baglung Baglung Civilian Unpaved 2000 ft
Baitadi Baitadi Civilian Unpaved 1600 ft
Baihang Baihang Civilian Unpaved 2100 ft
Bajura Bajura Civilian Unpaved 1800 ft
Bhairahawa Bhairahawa Civilian Paved 5000 ft
Bharatpur Bharatpur Civilian Unpaved 3800 ft
Bhojpur Bhojpur Civilian Unpaved 1700 ft
Biratnagar Biratnagar Civilian Paved 5000 ft
Chandragadhi Chandragadhi Civilian paved 5000 ft
Dang Dang Civilian Unpaved 2700 ft
Darchula Darchula Civilian Unpaved 1900 ft
Dhangadhi Dhangadhi Civilian Unpaved 5000 ft
Dolpa Dolpa Civilian Unpaved 1500 ft
Doti Doti Civilian Unpaved 1400 ft
Gorkha Gorkha Civilian Unpaved 3600 ft
Janakpur Janakpur Civilian Paved 3300 ft
Jomsom Jomsom Civilian Unpaved 2000 ft
Jumla Jumla Civilian Unpaved 2200 ft
Tribhuyan International Kathmandu Civilian Paved 10000 ft
Lamidada Lamidada Civilian Unpaved 1700 ft
Lukla Lukla Civilian Asphalt 1600 ft
Mahendranagar Mahendranagar Civilian Unpaved 2900 ft
Manang Manang Private Unpaved 2000 ft
Meghauli Meghauli Civilian Unpaved 3500 ft
Nepalguni Nepalguni Civilian Paved 5000 ft
Pokhara Pokhara Civilian Paved 4700 ft
Rajbiraj Rajbiraj Civilian Unpaved 4200 ft
Ramechhap Ramechhap Civilian Unpaved 1700 ft
Rukumkot Rukumkot Civilian Unpaved 1500 ft
Rumjatar Rumjatar Civilian Unpaved 1800 ft
Sanfebagar Sanfebagar Civilian Unpaved 1400 ft
Simara Simara Civilian Unpaved 4000 ft
Simikot Simikot Civilian Unpaved 1800 ft
Surkhet Surkhet Civilian Unpaved 3400 ft
Tumlingtar Tumlingtar Civilian Unpaved 4000 ft


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