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No matter who you are, you no doubt have a picture in your mind of what Nepal is like. You think you know the people and their surroundings – you may even picture what it's like to look up at the Himalayas. However it is very seldom that such imagined pictures turn out to be a reality. This is especially so when it comes to Nepal. The country is so diverse, so colorful and so incredibly mystical that it can take your breath away with ease. Nothing you have ever experienced before can adequately prepared you for a Nepal Vacation – you simply have to enjoy a vacation to Nepal to truly appreciate this wonderful country.

There is plenty to do and see in Nepal. Of course, the country’s top attraction is Mount Everest which can be found in Sagarmatha National Park. Then there is Durbar Square with its unique collection of shrines and its curious red guardian. Monkey Temple is another great place to take out your camera. Thamel, Rum Doodle, Pashupatinath and Kumari Chowk are all excellent sights Kathmandu which are worth seeing whilst on vacation in Nepal. The National Museum is probably the best place to go to get a better understanding of the country’s history and culture and is the top museum in the country. The Patan Museum and Krishna Mandir are both located in Patan and are also worth a stop. Keep in mind that these are more than mere tourist spots – they are the icons of a bygone era that still hold significance with the people of today. Many religious spots may be centuries old but they are still in use and should be respected.

Nepal is not just for mountain climbers and new-age hippies seeking spiritual enlightenment. The people here are grounded in reality. They have a true appreciation for family life, religion and culture and this is evident in their everyday life. Situated between India and China, you will often find odd mixtures between the two cultures – both in religious decoration and architectural structure. These are things you can only truly experience by going on a vacation to Nepal and immersing yourself in the culture of the land. Book your tickets now!

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