Mount Everest is one of the greatest attractions in Nepal, and surrounding this magnificent human challenge, small villages and towns lie scattered across the landscape to provide accommodation and rest to weary travelers and hiking enthusiasts. In the Arghakhanchi District of Nepal, there is a quaint town in the Lumbini Zone, which combines functionality with beauty, to create a wonderful and remote destination, Sandhikharka. Sandhikharka is a significant city in the district, and is located approximately three hundred kilometers outside of Kathmandu.

Sandhikharka does not have a great number of attractions or noteworthy sites to lure visitors, but has an abundance of breathtaking country side to explore that is popular with trekking and hiking enthusiasts. The dense pine forests that embrace the borders of the town are filled with beautiful trails to explore and magnificent wildlife and birds that have made this region their home. Visitors to Sandhikharka will find the town’s people to be friendly and helpful and the valley that falls on the Hall line to be as picturesque as a postcard. It is a destination in Nepal that is frequented by travelers due to its astounding beauty.

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