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Herbert Tichy was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1912. He spent a lot of his life traveling the world and taking part in adventures that one could only dream of. In 1987, at the age of seventy-five, Tichy passed away in his home city after having accomplished much in his life. Herbert Tichy was not only a geologist, an author and a journalist but he was also an experienced climber, having taken part in many climbs around the world.

In 1954, Tichy climbed the sixth highest mountain in Nepal, Cho Oyu, for the first time with fellow climbers Pasang Dawa and Sepp Jöchler. After having accomplished such a feat and having stood at a height of 8189 meters this trio was reported to have been lost for words. This was not however Herbert Tichy’s first time to Nepal or Asia: many times before he had been there for climbs or other activities he was fond of – such as motorcycling. Some of Tichy’s other climbs were in Nepal, in the African continent in 1963 and in Kenya, near Lake Turkana in 1980.

Herbert Tichy’s interest in climbing was instilled by his love for geology. Some of his research over the years was dedicated to the mountain range in Nepal known as the Himalayas. Many of his climbs were later put into words where he expressed his feelings over what he and his many team members had accomplished over the years. He called his book “To the holiest mountain of the world” and this was published in 1937. Some of these papers included in his book were part of his many thesis’s, like “The Schaarung of the Muzaffarabad in relationship with the total’s building of the Pir Panial”.

As a journalist he was often sent to remote countries to report on specific events occurring there. One of his well-known reports was on the Second World War, which he wrote on from the stand point of China. He spent several years in the country and had much experience in the events and happenings around him which he later recorded in his book called, “White clouds over yellow earth”. Over the years many of Tichy’s books have been bestsellers which have been thoroughly enjoyed by many.

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