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Sherman Bull is both a Doctor and an experienced climber who has been on numerous climbing expeditions. Five of these expeditions have been in the Himalayas. Dr Sherman Bull comes from New Canaan, which is in Connecticut, where he works as a general surgeon at Stamford. For a man of sixty-four years he is in peak physical condition and is always taking part in activities such as marathons, ultra-marathons and scuba diving on a regular basis. He has a supportive wife named Peg or Peggy and together they have brought up six lovely children. Brad Bull, one of Sherman's children, has inherited a love for climbing from his father.

Together both father and son have successfully climbed up the South East Ridge all the way to the South summit. This is not the first time Sherman Bull has made it up the South Summit; since his first success in 1995 he has accomplished this feat a second time. The Himalayan Mountain range has seven summits that one can climb. Of these Sherman has climbed six. Only Mount Everest remains to be conquered by him. The mountains he has climbed in the Himalayas is just a small part of all the successful climbs he has partaken in. He has also climbed mountains in the Alps, U.S., Mexico and the Andes.

One of his more famous expeditions up Mount Everest was in 2001 when he joined a team of talented men to help assist Erik Weihenmayer, a blind man, up to the top of Everest. After much planning this dream was finally fulfilled on the 25 May at 10 am when Weihenmayer stood on the summit of Everest. Dr. Sherman Bull’s role in this team was to assist on the medical side of things.

Four records were set that day when the team reached the top. Firstly, Sherman Bull was the oldest man ever to reach the top and Weihenmayer was the first blind man to make it to the top. Part of the team was Brad Bull, making it the second father and son team to make it to the top and lastly the team up Everest was the largest ever with a total of 19 people.

Over the years Sherman Bull has joined the well-known Explorers Club Flag expeditions on three of their trips to the Arctic undergoing the extreme weather conditions experienced there. One of these climbs was up the British Empire Range of mountains in Northern Elsimere in the Arctic – no easy feat!

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