Damak : Charming Tranquility

When it comes to towns and villages that can be described as off the beaten track destinations, Damak most certainly falls within that category. It is located in the Jhapa District, in the south eastern region of Nepal. It was always known as a Village Development Committee, but in the year 1982, Damak was given the status of Municipality. There are nineteen wards in Damak, and it is estimated to have a population of approximately thirty five thousand residents. The Ex-Royal Family also invested in a very large Himalayan Tea State here.

Damak is not a town that is tourism oriented and does not offer exciting night life or luxury shops. It is a destination that is situated amongst sprawling farmland, and is a tranquil and quiet town. During the monsoon season, the town receives a large amount of rain, but in the drier seasons, the temperatures can rise to uncomfortable levels. Massive sub-tropical forests surround the farmlands, and it is not unusual to see a stray wild elephant making his way across the fields, due to the farmlands being located close to natural streams which are their source of water. Damak does however provide the essential services, such as financial institutions, hotels, hospital, and has electricity and telecommunications. The town also has schools and higher educational facilities such as Unique College, Damak Multiple Campus and the Model Campus Damak. In 1992, the town also became home to three refugee camps for fleeing Bhutanese.

The most convenient way to reach Damak is to travel to Kathmandu, and from there, catch a flight to Bhadrapur. A taxi can then take you the rest of the way, or travel directly to Biratnagar and hire a vehicle for the rest of your journey. Even though Damak might not have all the bustle of the cities, it is still a fascinating town to explore, and offers picturesque landscapes, and the option to visit the nearby Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The reserve is approximately forty five kilometers outside of the town and many travelers include this reserve on the journey, as it is an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

Thumbnail by Barbara Piuma