Enjoy the Beauty of the Balaju Water Garden

For a day of tranquility, peace and relaxation, away from the bustle of Kathmandu, Nepal, make your way to a beautiful, popular tourist attraction – the Balaju Water Garden. The Balaju Water Garden is approximately five kilometers outside of Kathmandu and is a park known for its unlimited natural splendor and the delicately sculptured fountains that have become the icons of the Balaju Water Garden. Visitors will be amazed at the sheer magnificence of the gardens that were originally designed in the seventeenth century.

Pratapa Malla created the Balaju Water Garden as a gift to the queen. Malla ensured that the park was suitable for the preservation of free roaming deer and that the trees chosen would attract a spectacular range of bird species. One of the most breathtaking features of the park is the Baais Dhara Balaju, which is a water tank that is fed by a spring. Even though its use as water for washing clothes and ablutions is not that impressive, it is its twenty-two stone sea-dragon, or crocodile-like, shaped gargoyles from which the water is poured that is mesmerizing. These stone carvings are believed to originate from the eighteenth century. It is also a sight of pilgrimage during the Balaju Jatra festival.

The sculpture of the Sleeping Vishnu, or Bala Nilkantha, is another beautiful feature to look out for, as is the small seventh century Budha Nilkantha. The pagoda that is located in front of the Sleeping Vishnu is dated to the nineteenth century and was built in honor of the Goddess of Leaves, who is known as Sitala. Amongst the religious shrines and sculptures, visitors will also find spectacular picnic spots, fishponds and a large public swimming pool.

When looking at the magnificence and beauty of the Balaju Water Gardens it is easy to see why it has become a tourist attraction and a place of rest. The gardens have also inspired many folk songs with its breathtaking splendor and calming atmosphere. Visitors to the garden will be able to find a little piece of heaven in Nepal, and it is definitely an experience that remains with travelers and their memories of this diverse country.