Fellows Announced for ChangeFusion

The ChangeFusion Nepal organisation was created to develop and promote local entrepreneurship and focuses on the youth of the country that are underprivileged, assisting them to enhance their daily lives. ChangeFusion believes that by teaching the youth beneficial skills and providing them with the necessary education, they will be able to create their own innovative ideas and use those visions to change not only their lives but the social structure surrounding them. Guiding the youth lays the foundation for a successful future for the country.

ChangeFusion began the fellowship project in the year 2008 and had seventy applicants who responded to the project, of which twenty-five fellows were chosen. The fellows then attended a capacity building workshop that lasted three days. In December 2010 ChangeFusion invited locals between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five to submit their ideas, their passions and changes they would like to make in the environment and on a social level, to be reviewed. Online applications were permitted and ChangeFusion also sent out a team to various districts such as Bara, Kayre, Morang and Sunsari to collect applications, and in total seventy applications were received. Candidates were assessed, and at the Direction Exhibition and Convention Centre the announcement was made for the seven 2011 fellows. The chosen fellows were Thakur Lamichane (Gorkha), Prakash Acharya (Kathmandu), Bijay Dewan Rai (Dhankhuta), Sushila Tamang (Bhojpur), sita Adhikari (Chitwan), Krishna Dhakal (Kathmandu) and Lali Tamang (Kayre).

ChangeFusion Nepal Media and Communication Officer, Santoshi Rana, commented that the ideas and innovations that were put forward by the fellows included wanting to be able to provide medicine for the underprivileged, assist the visually impaired by donating audio books to them, sawmill operations and developing biogas. The workshop for the 2011 fellows was hosted at the Dhulikhel Village Resort from 15 April to 18 April 2011. For the next month the fellows will be monitored and their projects assessed, and to aid them in their projects, ChangeFusion will provide them with additional information, mentor them, assist them with networking and help with funding their projects. ChangeFusion is changing the lives of the youth of Nepal, providing them with opportunities to improve their lives and that of future generations.