God Lives in the Himalayas Filmed in Nepal

Indian film director Sanjay Srinivas is set to release the first Indian feature film made almost entirely in Nepal, featuring a Nepali cast and in the Nepali language. The film, God Lives in the Himalayas, has the support of the Nepal Tourism Board as it is anticipated that it will help to promote tourism by introducing some of the many facets of Nepal to the world.

The story focuses primarily on a ten year old boy named Siddharth who is traumatized when he witnesses a religious ceremony which goes terribly wrong, consuming his mother in flames and causing his father to be seriously burnt. Previously happy and outgoing, Siddharth becomes an introverted child reluctant to talk. While waiting for his father to recover, Siddharth is obliged to live with his uncle. Sadly, the young boy is treated badly by his aunt, adding to his misery. However his cousin Druki is kind and warm toward Siddharth, providing him with some comfort in difficult circumstances.

Druki is troubled by the death of Siddharth’s mother and questions her own mother, Siddharth’s aunt, about the circumstances of her death. Druki’s mother tells her that God loved Siddharth’s mother so much that he took her to live with him. This is confusing to young Siddharth, as he is sure that God could not love or need his mother more than he himself did – and thus begins Siddharth’s epic journey to find God so that his questions with regard to his mother could be answered.

Since no-one around him can tell him where God lives, he tries to find out by observing people around him that seem to be spiritually minded. He visits local temples, spies on priests and follows many religious processions, but none of these activities leads him to God. Finally, an old man tells Siddharth that God lives in the middle of the Himalayas. Excited at this discovery, Siddharth prepares to embark on a journey to visit God. His best friend Raju, and his cousin, Druki, insist that he take them along, and the three set off on their journey to find God.

Viewers of the film will journey with these three intrepid young travelers through some of the most beautiful, and some of the most inhospitable, areas of Nepal in their quest to find God. The journey is filled with emotion, drama and tragedy before Siddharth reaches his goal. Critics agree that the film beautifully portrays many unique aspects of Nepal, its hospitable people, rich culture and natural beauty.