Trekking the Rolwaling Himal

Eric Shipton decided to begin exploring the Rolwaling Himal in the year 1951. Said to be the home of the illusive Yeti, it forms part of the Himalayas and is located along the border of Tibet. The Rolwaling Himal has peaks that stand six thousand meters in height, and there are more than fifty peaks to this fascinating mountainous region. To the south of Rolwaling Himal is the Rolwaling Valley, another magnificent division of this region that is worth exploring. Trekking and hiking enthusiasts are recommended to visit this magnificent natural attraction as it holds numerous wonders.

The only way to get into Rolwaling Himal is to follow the trails that have been established that lead into the mountain range and into the Rolwaling Valley. The base camp for the Rolwaling Himal is the town of Charikot, located approximately eighty kilometers from Kathmandu. The most popular trekking adventure is the trail from Charikot to Beding, which takes approximately seven to ten days to complete. It is advised to take a tour guide and Sherpa along on the journey, as the trail can get treacherous with ice and snow. Crossing Teshi Lapcha La, standing at an intimidating 5 755 meters, needs expert guidance. There are numerous villages in the Rolwaling Himal area, as well as other attractions such as the Trakarding Glacier, Dromlambau Glacier and the ice lake, Tsho Rolpa, which guides will be able to show trekkers, as some of these wonders are a little off the beaten track. The scenery and the panoramic views from the Rolwaling Himal are breathtaking and the trails are a very rewarding experience.

There are a variety of trail packages available for trekkers, and the choice depends on the skill experience and fitness levels of trekkers, as trekkers need to acclimatize on some treks. For some of the treks, permits are required, but for visitors just wanting to experience the beauty of the Rolwaling Himal and the valley, trips to Tsho Rolpa are recommended and no permits are needed on these trails. Exploring the Rolwaling Himal is a spectacular experience and is an adventure that should not be missed out on.