Nepal Events, Festivals, Concerts

A country of color with a strong sense of heritage and tradition, Nepal definitely has no shortage of festivals and celebrations. In fact, the country of Nepal is known for its almost continuous festivals which are always being held in various locations throughout the country. Some would say that the Nepalese people observe more festivals than there are days in the year as it is seldom that the sun sets on the country without some sort of festival taking place. For many it is this culture of continuous celebration which draws them to visit Nepal in the first place.

The vast majority of festivals and celebrations held in Nepal have some sort of religious significance but even advocates of different faiths can enjoy the beauty these events. Yellows, reds and greens primarily fill the streets as people join in the parades. Gold-gilded statues rest on colorfully decorated floats or stand proudly in hallways and religious edifices. Spices of varying colours light up stalls while flowers dangle in bunches to beautiful the streets and give off a delightful aroma.

If you wish to experience all the colorful delights of a Nepalese festival, while in the country, why not take a glimpse of the list of festivals below and see what is taking place while you’re in the country. Remember that we have only listed the major annual festivals so there may be others not mentioned here.


Makar Sankranti


Maha Shivaratri
Tribhuvan Jayanti
Sri Panchami


Phagu Poornima


Ghode Jatra
Baisakh Purnima
Red Machhendranath Rath Jatra
Matatirtha Aunsi

April – May

Buddha Jayanti

June – July

Ghanta Karna

July – August

Guru Purnima
Pancha Dan
Janai Poornima
Naga Panchami


Indra Jatra
Gorkna Ausni


Dashain/Durga Puja


Shri Panch Ko Janma Divas
Mahendra Jayanti
Constitution Day
Gai Jatra (the Cow Festival)
Ghode Jatra
Machhednra Jatra
Vivaha Panchami