Explore the Many Wonders of Dolakha

The historically and culturally rich district of Dolakha is situated in the Janakpur Zone of Nepal. The district covers a land area of approximately 2,100 square kilometers of mountainous terrain. The main town in the district, also called Dolakha, is a popular tourist destination where visitors are assured of a friendly welcome from the local people. The scenery in the area is breath-taking and the environment is unpolluted. The houses in the village are decorated with beautiful wood carvings and the newer buildings have been built to blend with the older ones in an ascetically pleasing manner.

One of the major attractions in the town of Dolakha is the Bhimsen Temple (also known as Bhima). Pilgrims from India and other parts of Nepal visit the temple in anticipation of their wishes being granted. The main statue featured in the temple is the god Bhim. The statue is known to sweat and it is considered to be a bad omen for the people if it sweats on the left side. If the statue sweats on the right side it is an indication that the Royal Family will be struck by tragedy. Adherents wipe the liquid up with bits of cotton cloth and keep it in their homes for good luck or to ward off bad luck. Other temples in the near vicinity include Tripura Sundari Temple, Kalinchwok Temple and Kali Temple. There are also a number of decorative Buddha stupas (dome shaped shrines) located around the town.

The jagged snow covered peak of Mount Gauri Shanker, at a height of 7,134 meters, is an awe-inspiring sight which is seen from great distances away. Trekking is forbidden at the peak because it is venerated by Hindus and Buddhists, but the surrounding area is very scenic and popular with trekkers. The Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake is situated in the Rolwaling valley of the mountain. Covering an area of 1.65 square kilometers, it is Nepal’s largest glacier lake.

The Dolakha language is a dialect of Newar and is only spoken in the Dolakha district. Efforts are being made to ensure that this unique language does not die out. Parents are encouraged to make sure that their children are bilingual, by one parent speaking to them in Nepali and the other in Dolakha right from when they start learning to speak.

Visitors who travel to the fascinating district and town of Dolakha in Nepal are sure to have a memorable experience.