Exploring Gupteswar Gupha

For visitors to Nepal, the city of Pokhara is one of their choice destinations, with a reputation for unmatched beauty, spectacular views and a host of fascinating attractions and activities. Some attractions stand out above the rest and when it comes to natural sites of interest, Gupteswar Gupha, or Gupteswar Cave, is one of them. Located just outside the Pokhara Airport, Gupteswar Gupha is the perfect destination for a day trip, an opportunity to explore its historical and religious importance.

Gupteswar Gupha is viewed as sacred and a very significant site to the Hindus because a shrine to Lord Shiva was discovered in the cave. Photographs of the cave and the shrine are not permitted. Protected from the elements within the cave, the shrine is in the same condition today as it was on the day of its discovery. The name of the cave is derived from this shrine, as Gupteswar means ‘hidden god’. Visitors are also advised to wear comfortable shoes when heading out towards the cave, as there are approximately a thousand stairs to climb to reach the shrine.

The hike to Gupteswar Gupha is most definitely worth the effort, as it winds its way through the breathtaking forests that are home to champaka and sal trees. The cave consists of two main parts, of which the entrance is two meters in height and approximately three meters wide. The first cave has a few rooms that are the size of a hall and has many passageways. Some can only be explored by crawling through them, so it is not recommended for visitors suffering from claustrophobia to try the smaller passages. The shrine in Gupteswar Gupha is believed to have healing powers and many worshipers make their way to the cave each year in the hope of being healed from a variety of illnesses. The second cave is also a place of significance, as it is home to a massive stalactite named the Udder of Kamadhenu. People hold out their hands for hours trying to capture a drop of water from the stalactite. There are smaller caves surrounding Gupteswar Gupha that are also worth exploring, and discovering these ancient wonders is a very rewarding and memorable experience.