International Canyoning Rendezvous

The Marsyangdi Valley will be a hive of activity and excitement from 7 to 13 April 2011. The International Canyoning Rendezvous is an event for adventurers and avid trekking enthusiasts, and the Nepal Canyoning Association hopes that by hosting this event, Nepal will be highlighted as a recommended trekking. Nature enthusiasts will also enjoy the event. To remain competitive in the international tourism market, it is hoped that canyoning in Nepal will create new interest in the country.

At present, the Nepal Canyoning Association has already received over one hundred and thirty registrations for the International Canyoning Rendezvous, including canyoneers from the United States and Europe. Their aim is to have at least two hundred entrants for the weeklong event. Canyoning will be done at Syange Khola, Ghopte Khola, Rundu Khola, Sanche Phu and Kabindra Khola and will involve swimming, walking, climbing and other trekking techniques, testing the skills and endurance of canyoneers. There will be a maximum of six canyoneers in a team.

This event will not be the last, as plans are being made to host international events such as these at least twice a month. Nepal Tourism Executive Officer, Prachanda Man Shrestha, commented: “Canyoning is one of the niche products of Nepal; and if properly managed, our country could be established as a canyoning destination.”

To create a thrilling canyoning destination that will attract foreign mountaineers and adventure seekers, the Nepal Canyoning Association has been working on designing packages that would include rock climbing and rafting. A team has already surveyed Nar Phu’s Lhayju River as another destination, as canyoning involves a variety of activities that include taking on the rock faces of waterfalls, abseiling, jumping from great heights into deep pools and much more adrenalin inducing action. Including the Annapurna circuit in this international event is exciting for many, as it is rated twelfth best in the world. The International Canyoning Rendezvous is guaranteed to be an adventure few will forget, highlighting the natural attractions and activities that Nepal has to offer.