Join a Mountain Run to Fight Climate Change

It seems the Nepali government has been hard at work fighting climate change. While many people across the globe have only just realized how badly the world has been affected by pollution and other man-made problems, Nepal experiences the very real phenomenon of global warming first hand.

Climate change in Nepal is perhaps best seen at Imja Tsho. This glacial lake is the fastest growing such lake in the Himalayas. It lengthens by approximately 74 meters in just one year! This frightening phenomenon has caused quite a stir and made many much more aware of how global warming is affecting them first hand. Now it seems that the mountain community in the Everest region is trying to reach the world by getting involved in an exciting new event – a 42-km cross-country foot race designed to raise awareness of the peril of the world’s glaciers. The goal is to get scientists, environmentalists, mountaineers, engineers and pretty much anybody else with an interest to get motivated to make a change and tackle the problem. The first step in combating the fast-increasing size of Imja Tsho is to create awareness – and that is exactly what the Imja Tsho Action Event 2009 – Beat the Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Action Run is all about.

These efforts to combat climate change in Nepal are not to be taken lightly. The Sherwi Yondhen Tshokpa (Sherpa student group) has been formed to ensure that all Sherpa students are able to network together in order to ensure that the event is a success. The group plans to use the event as a chance to encourage and promote the preservation of the Sherpa culture, environment and language. As these mountain people have been living here for centuries, it seems quite plausible that some of the answers to this dilemma can be found here. They will also no doubt be some of the best runners. However, the largest targets are the organizations which are capable of either stemming the increasing size of the glacial lake or of slowing down the pollution that is melting the Imja Tsho glacier at such an alarming rate. What is really great is that the run will take participants through the picturesque Khambhu hills, providing them with some absolutely breathtaking scenery as well as introducing them to the perils that this wonderfully rugged country is facing. The 2009 GLOF Action Run will also be a part of the Khambu Festival in June, so there will be plenty of surrounding festivities to ensure that visitors get to make the most of their stay in Nepal. The 2009 GLOF Action Run will begin at Imja Lake on June 18 and finish at Khumjung village the following day. Whether you’re running or watching, don’t miss it!