Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies

The ancient city of Kirtipur in the Kathmandu District of Nepal is well-known as a religious center, with many monasteries and temples located here. Individuals seeking a refuge in which to meditate and learn Buddhists teachings will find the Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies in Kirtipur fills their needs, providing the ideal environment for a retreat.

The Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies is based on the site of the historical Kirtipur Monastery. The original building was constructed in honor of the 16th Karmapa on his first visit to Nepal. Lamas from Mendong Monastery were appointed to care for this new monastery. Since that time the Kirtipur Monastery has been a haven for various high lamas to engage in spiritual practices, while providing others with inspiration and guidance.

As the 21st Century was ushered in, Shangpa Rinpoche was asked to look after the Kirtipur Monastery. Shangpa Rinpoche had a vision for the monastery, recognizing that it could help many if a Buddhist institute was established. In 2001 plans to found the Kirtipur Institute of Buddhist Studies were begun, so that both monks and others could pursue meditation and Buddhist philosophy. There were a number of challenges faced by the building project, but devotees were dedicated to the cause and helped in whatever way they could. People from around the world contributed to what is now an important center of Buddhist learning.

Today the Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies is fulfilling its vision to provide guidance to Buddhist practitioners, make available qualified masters to share the authentic teachings of the Buddha, offer an ideal environment for learning of the Buddha Dharma, and prepare a place of retreat for practitioners to learn and experience the realization of clarity and emptiness’ non-duality. The institute offers various courses including short Dharma courses and a three year Certificate in Buddhist Studies. Also on offer are individual and group retreats, organized pilgrimages to sacred sites, Tibetan language studies, Tibetan art and Thangka painting, pujas and ceremonies. The Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies also welcomes visitors not engaging in any of the organized activities, however, such visitors should contact the institute before arriving.