Paramendo Eco-Farming

Paramendo was the vision and the dream of Angnima Tamang. Even though there were various struggles to overcome in the first seven years, Tamang remained loyal to his dream which is now a functioning eco-farm and an example to the rest of Nepal. It is located in the Bharku Village in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. Visitors will be astounded to see how a physics student was able to become a beekeeper and farmer, and build an eco-friendly farm without almost any financial or technical assistance.

One of the main industries of Paramedo is the production of mountain honey. It might sound like a simple concept, but keeping Asian bees (Apis cerena himlaaya) in hives is a very delicate process. Firstly, these bees prefer the nectar that is found in forest flowers, so keeping them in their preferred habitat is essential. Secondly, they are known for their wild and unpredictable behavior. Paramendo therefore keeps their bees in either Newton B or Newton C hives. Over and above the fact that mountain honey is tasty, it also has medicinal properties.

To encourage other farmers to plant fruit trees without negatively impacting the environment and with success, Paramendo has grown a variety of apple trees that are to be the mother tree to others. Offering farmers the opportunity to replant young trees will increase their capability to grow orchards, as planting young plants is more challenging to grow. There are also strawberries on the farm, hazelnut trees, blackberries and pear trees. Of course the key to maintaining healthy soil and productive orchards is compost. Paramendo has been able to create their own compost, made from fallen trees and plants during the monsoon season, and unwanted plants that are removed. Teaching these skills to local farmers will enable them to ensure the growth of their trees.

Paramendo is the perfect example of eco-friendly farming, and when farmers enter the grounds they are able to see that the concept is profitable. It is the hope of Paramendo that the project will educate and encourage locals to participate in eco-friendly farming, helping them to create their own income at the same time. The techniques and practices of Paramendo were officially recognized and registered by the government in 1997. Why not organize a trip to this fascinating eco-farm and discover the wonders of working with nature for yourself.