Trekking to Sikles

The Gurung is an ethnic group that has been a part of the Nepali culture for centuries and has a very fascinating history. They are generally located in the region surrounding the Annapurna Mountains, and it is here, where the picturesque village of Sikles can be found. It is a destination where visitors are able to experience this ancient culture, discover the uniqueness of the Gurung villagers and enjoy the beauty of the Nepali landscapes, including magnificent views of Lamjung Himal, Pokhara and Annapurna II.

Consisting of five neighborhoods, Sikles was originally established to be a base for trekking, but has evolved into a traditional village of great value, complete with well preserved mud houses and quaint village lanes. Not only can tourists embark on breathtaking trekking adventures from the Sikles village, but they are also able to explore the culture of the Gurung through various interactive activities. The Gurung express their heritage through dance and folk songs, entertaining guests with their rhythmic skills. There are also flourmills, which are water driven, to visit, as well as watching the locals showcase their extraordinary cloth weaving, bamboo weaving and handicraft abilities.

The landscapes surrounding Sikles are filled with rare and exquisite fauna and flora. Colorful butterflies and the vibrant songs of the bird life flow through the dense forests and green rolling hills, giving trekking enthusiasts beautiful natural scenes to look forward to. Even though there a number of trekking routes to choose from, the most popular route is that of the Royal Trek. This route got its name from the 1980 visit of Prince Charles. He came to Nepal to meet Gurkha recruits, travelling from village to village along this famous route. Eco -routes and two day trekking excursions are also very popular with visitors, hiking from Pokhara to Sikles, which takes trekkers past Chansu, or the longer route that includes Diprang and Ghalekharka. Sikles is a great destination for international travelers, as it offers insight into an ancient culture, provides interaction with locals and opens up a breathtaking doorway into the wildlife and natural splendor of the country.