Visit the Village of Okhaldhunga

Visitors looking for an authentic village experience in Nepal will enjoy the hospitality of the agricultural community residing in Okhaldhunga. Located in Nepal’s Sagarmatha Zone, Okhaldhunga serves as the capital of the district by the same name. Its situation in the rugged terrain can make it a real challenge to reach Okhaldhunga, but the unique experience will make it all worth the effort.

The Okhaldhunga District extends over an area of 1,074.5 square kilometers. Known by locals as Wallo Kirat, the area is home to the Rai and Sunuwar ethnic groups. The district has a long history, and a number of forts are found within its borders, including Chayanmakotgadhi, Chisankhukot and Bhaluithumkagadhi. It is also known as the birthplace of Siddhicharan Shrestha, a renowned poet who included the beauty of the region in his poetry.

The village of Okhaldhunga stands at an altitude of 5,124 feet. The area is said have got its name from the word Okhal, which refers to a grinding stone, a large one of which is found in the village. The small population of the village is known for their hospitality and visitors are sure to value their time spent in this picturesque destination. Stunning views of spectacular mountain scenery abound, with the peaks of Sagaramatha, Taklung, Rawadelu, Kanchenjunga and Tholedemba adding to the sheer beauty of the panoramas. Terrace farms dot the landscape, growing tea, cardamom, coffee, citrus and other crops.

There are various treks and hikes in the region. Adventure tourists can head out on a two hour walk to Nepal’s second largest waterfall, Pokali. Other springs and waterfalls include Lipu, Sepli, Patle and Dhikure. Trekking in the crisp mountain air, surrounded by the wonders of nature is truly invigorating. In fact, because the dirt road that allows access to the Okhaldhunga District is considered somewhat hazardous at times, it is recommended that travelers trek there from the town of Katari, which is a two day walk away.

Okhaldhunga’s secluded location will allow you to get away from it all. There are also various opportunities to get involved in projects to assist the community including education, health and youth activities. Why not take some time out while touring Nepal to experience what real Nepali village life is like in the delightful village of Okhaldhunga.