Trains Stations in Nepal

If you are planning a trip to Nepal soon you will likely be considering different ways to get around the country. There are many different forms of transportation available in Nepal and you will likely find that you will have to use a combination of a few different types in order to get from one destination to the next. There are not many train stations in Nepal but this does not mean that you should not consider using the Nepalese railways as a possible form of transport between certain countries and cities in Nepal.

There is a total of 59 kilometers of railway in Nepal. This is not a lot compared to many other countries, but it is enough to provide fast and cost-effective transport between Janakpur and Jainagar. The majority of this is ‘narrow gauge’ railway line featuring 0.762 m gauge. While the country does not have any rail links with China, it certainly does share one with India. Jainagar is situated close to India and many people use the trains to travel between India and Nepal every day.

The majority of Nepal's train stations are located mainly in the southern parts of the country where Nepal borders India. This means that the rest of the country has little – if any – rail connections and that even the country’s capital city, Kathmandu, does not have any railway connections. Nevertheless, if you are traveling to south Nepal you will find that traveling by train is a great option. So why not start investigating this option further for yourself? You will find that it is not only fast and efficient, but cost effective and convenient.


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Team - 2011-03-02 07:12:31

Thank you for posting your comments on We try to present interesting information about Nepal, and always welcome personal experiences and additional information from visitors to our site. Best wishes, Team

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Samir - 2011-03-02 05:39:37

Dear Mark Freinds , i can tell you, now you are goa or kerala. you should have to come in delhi or patana from there you can get direct train to go in Jayanagar which is located in Bihar state and coming in madhubani district. in the jaynagar you will get nepali train to go in janakpur of nepal . from there you can go anywhere as you wish . best regards

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Mark Anthony - 2011-01-02 17:29:30

My friend & i will be travelling in India visiting Goa & kerala. We want to go to Nepal & base camp at Everest. Can anyone tell me the best route to take & transportation coats ie. trains, buses, flights, hostels ect kind regards

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