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You have many options for traveling to and around Nepal. From terrestrial travel to air travel, Nepal's travel options cater for all budgets and requirements. We are first going to consider travel options for entering Nepal. Thereafter we will look at what travel options are available throughout the country.


The most common travel option for arriving in Nepal is by airplane. You are likely to land at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport just outside of Kathmandu. Customs and immigration are handled in the terminal and tourist visas are available for 3 months. Taxis can be taken from the airport to Kathmandu, but negotiation is vital so as not to be cheated. Another way to arrive in Nepal is by car rental from India. Motorcycles can also be hired in India, however this is not advisable due to the poor conditions of the roads and rather questionable driving skills of local drivers. Buses run through the border crossings into Nepal.


Local buses are the least expensive form of transportation in Nepal’s cities and provide a rather unique experience of sharing your seat with a duck or perhaps a goat. Bus routes are extensive and will take you to most sections of the city or town. Tourist buses can be reserved through a travel agent or the hotel. These are a better option from the cleanliness and crowding viewpoint. Private taxis are available to take you from the airport to your hotel. “10 Rupee” taxis can be a bit dodgy and will only move when completely full. Two-stroke rickshaws are another travel option if you are going a relatively short distance and do not have too much baggage. The bouncy ride can be quite fun, but remember to bargain a good price. Three-wheeled tempos or micro-buses can carry up to 13 passengers and travel set routes through the city. Tempo vans take the same routes, but are much safer though they cost a bit more. Trams run between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, but may be closed due to lack of maintenance. Motorcycle rental is quite popular in Nepal and is available in the Thamel area.

Find out more about travel options to Nepal and in Nepal on our “Flights” and “Car Rental” pages. Keep your valuables in a safe place when traveling on public transportation and avoid forms of transport that look unsafe. wishes you a wonderful journey through Nepal.

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