Foreign Embassies in Nepal

Anyone considering traveling to or from Nepal should be aware of what foreign embassies can be found in the country. If the relevant country does have a foreign embassy in Nepal, a traveler can save himself a lot of time and effort by approaching them directly and asking for advice. Most foreign embassies in Nepal will be more than happy to help you prepare for your trip by organizing visas and other paper work. For foreigners visiting Nepal, the embassies can prove to be a refuge and a source of advice if problems arise.

There are a surprising number of embassies in Nepal which provide helpful services to the public. The vast majority of these embassies are situated in the country’s capital city which makes them more accessible, since most visitors will start their travels in Nepal in Kathmandu. The countries represented by official embassies in Nepal are Australia, Bangladesh, China, Denmark, Finland, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Thus, people from over the world will be able to enjoy the services of a dedicated embassy when visiting Nepal. These embassies also work hard to promote trade between countries and education of local residents who are able to gain access to educational institutions in other countries via their corresponding representative.

Nepal is a beautiful country with many interesting and diverse attractions to enjoy. But even the most beautiful vacations can be marred by bureaucratic red tape and lost visas. So, if you are planning to make a trip to Nepal soon, make sure that you contact the relevant foreign embassy and get all the necessary paperwork sorted out first. That way you will be able to look forward to your time spent in Nepal with confidence – knowing that any little problems encountered during your stay will be quickly and efficiently sorted out.

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