Massive mountains, rolling hills, abundant vegetation and diverse wildlife – it is little wonder that Nepal is a popular tourist destination and the ideal location for ecotourism. Ecotourism in Nepal is the main form of tourism in the country aside from the attractions of Kathmandu and other historical cities. From wildlife viewing, to wilderness camps, hiking vacations and white-water rafting, Nepal's ecotourism industry is flourishing.

In an area of 147 181 km squared the landscape of Nepal changes from lowlands towards the highest mountains in the world, this is truly a land of extreme diversity. From tropical to arctic climates, Nepal’s great diversity is a real drawcard. Despite its relatively small size, Nepal contains significant percentages of wildlife, such as 2,04 % of the world’s flowering higher plants and 8,6 % of its birds. Nepal contains some 5833 species of gymnosperms and flowering plants with some 315 endemic species of higher plants, 847 bird species, 185 mammal species, 43 amphibian species, 100 reptile species, 656 butterfly species and 185 fresh water fish species have been identified in Nepal.

Nepal’s combination of stunning natural environment and strong cultural heritage, make it a truly remarkable country for the development of ecotourism. In fact, ecotourism in Nepal tends to blend with adventure tourism with the magnificent mountain peaks attracting trekkers and mountaineers from around the world. Various protected areas have been established in Nepal and play a vital role in ecotourism for the country. Over 18% of Nepal’s land has been assigned as National Parks and protected areas, attracting more than 50% of Nepal’s tourists to at least one of these areas during their stay in Nepal. This simply demonstrates the importance of such regions for ecotourism.

Many tour operators in Nepal offer a variety of ecotours throughout the rural areas of the country. Tours may last a few hours to a few days with accommodation. Certain tours may also incorporate cultural experiences for a truly rounded Nepalese experience.

So for the ultimate natural experience, try ecotourism in Nepal, it will leave you breathless.

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