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Often the easiest way to plan a trip to Nepal is to contact one of the many tour operators in Nepal. Nepalese tour operators are in the best position to organize tour packages which include every activity you wish to pursue in this beautiful country - and a whole lot more! To help you in your quest to plan the perfect holiday to this fascinating country, we at have listed a number of tour operators on our Business Directory who will be able to help you.

Tour operators and travel agents in Nepal offer a wide range of tailor-made tours and packages to suit the needs of individuals and groups. Of course, most people visiting the country for the first time would usually include some sort of trip to the Himalayas and the various temples and shrines that can be found there. However, Nepal has much more to offer and tours featuring adventure sports, wildlife, fairs and festivals, bird watching, horse riding, train rides, cycling routes, elephant safaris and the Golden Triangle are in great demand. Heritage tours, trekking tours and religious tours are also very popular.

Tour operators in Nepal are generally very helpful and will be able to organize a number of guided tours with a well-educated and helpful guide. They will also be able to provide you with reliable transport and accommodation and they may even be able to put you in touch with a translator if you speak a foreign language not generally understood in the country. So if you are planning a trip to Nepal, why not look into using a Nepalese tour operator? We are constantly adding to our listings so check back soon if you did not find anyone suitable.

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