Travel Tips for Nepal, Travel Info

Nepal offers so much for the tourist by way of natural beauty and adventure that it is becoming a much sought after vacation destination. The unrest that the country experienced in the recent past appears to have been resolved, and while (as is the case with any country), there are certain areas that should be avoided by travelers, if you follow certain ground rules you can can have an awesome holiday in Nepal. Make sure that you are well equipped with medicines and comfortable gear on your travels and that all your documents are in order. Read and ask others about the local situation when you plan to go to a particular area. Do remember though that the ultimate responsibility for going to a place rests with you.

Please follow local rules and be on the right side of the law at all times. Obey any restrictions or curfew that may be in place temporarily. Never travel alone and budget for air travel within the country just in case there is a strike or road block. Use a reputable travel agency to plan your local travel – they will know what you can do safely. It is best not to get involved in political discussions. More than political issues though, one has to respect the vagaries of Nature in Nepal.

Do not let this deter you from travel to Nepal. The pleasures outweigh the risks if you are sensible.

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