Lumbini International Research Institute

The town of Lumbini is located on the Terai plains of Nepal and is better known as the birth place of the Enlighted One, or Siddhartha Gautam, in 623 BC. Today Lumbini is a popular tourist destination within Nepal that not only offers visitors insight into a distinguished history and fascinating attraction, but is also home to many vital educational centers and establishments, such as the Lumbini International Research Institute.

In 1967, the creation of an improved and upgraded Lumbini became an international project, spearheaded by the then UN Secretary General, U Thant. As the Lumbini Development Project got underway, the facilities for the Lumbini International Research Institute were donated by Reiyukai, and by 1989 most of the construction work to the building had been completed. Reiyukaid members began fundraising to collect enough money to complete the institute and by 1995, the Lumbini International Research Institute was complete. It is managed and administered by the Lumbini Development Trust and Reiyukai, and through the institute, Reiyukai members hope to be able to share the Buddhist teachings of compassion to assist in creating a more humane society.

The Lumbini International Research Institute is located across from the Lumbini Museum and is a facility that is committed to not only researching the Buddhist religion but other religions from across the world. Visitors to the institute will find a staggering collection of more than twelve thousand books on featured subjects such as art, religion, architecture and philosophy. The library also contains journals, volumes and brochures, of which there are approximately thirty thousand, documenting various religious studies and can be viewed in different languages such as Ceylonese, Chinese, Pali, Hybrid Sanskrit, Nepali, Tibertan, Prakrit, Newari, Sanskrit, Thai and Burmese.

Although the Lumbini International Research Institute focuses more on the study of Buddhism, visitors will be amazed at the collection of the various religious studies. Through their work, they give the outside world the opportunity to explore and understand the complexities of different religions and take away a message of peace, tolerance and forgiveness. It is amongst the most fascinating attractions in Lumbini, and visitors will not be disappointed.