Communication, Internet

During your stay in Nepal you are certain to want to contact friends and family at home. Or you may need to contact a tour operator or someone you know in Nepal. We provide you with some information on communications in Nepal as well as details on Internet access in Nepal. Nepal is somewhat behind when it comes to infrastructure, so you shouldn't be too surprised to find that some of Nepal's communications systems are somewhat antiquated. Despite this, you will be able to make use of a variety of communication facilities in Nepal.


Nepal has a good telephone service as well as telegraph facilities. Domestic calls are transmitted via microwave and optical fiber. International telephone calls are sent by means of radiotelephone communications, satellite and microwave land line. As of December 2004 there were 422 456 Public Switched Telephone Network/PSTN telephones in Nepal. You will find it easiest to make long distance telephone calls from larger cities where you will come across communication shops. Long distance call rates can be quite expensive from Nepal, so it is best to keep conversations brief. Internet phones are available throughout Kathmandu and Pokhara. Pre-paid phone cards are offered by Nepal Telecom. With this method you can call from a DTMF telephone and the call will be charged to the users card number. They are sold in several denominations.


As the Internet has increased in popularity throughout the world, Internet services in Nepal have flourished and prices continue to decrease. Internet cafés are scattered around major cities in Nepal and give you the opportunity to surf the web or check your email at a fee. Certain tourist centers and hotels also provide Internet access in Nepal. Hotels also offer Internet connections in Nepal for visitors with laptops. As of 2004 there were 26 Internet access providers in Nepal. Internet access providers in Nepal include Nepal Telecom, Worldlink Communications, Mercantile Communications, Imax, Himalaya On-line, CCSL and Capital On-line. Interestingly, a project was put in place to provide rural areas of Nepal with Internet access via wireless Internet connections in Nepal. With such extensive Internet access in Nepal’s major cities, you will have no difficulty keeping in contact.

Postal, Freight and Cargo Services

Nepal’s general post offices are open between 10:00am and 5:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays but close at 3:00pm on Fridays. It is however possible to purchase stamps and postcards from counters between 7:00am and 7:00pm. Services offered by the post office include registration and insurance of mail and packages as well as the exchange of IRCs. Larger parcels are handled by the Foreign Post Office. Postal counters are also situated in Kathmandu airport.

Mass Media

Mass media is an important form of communication in all countries. Whether television, radio or through the press, mass media provides the population with up-to-date news and information. Find out more about mass media in Nepal on the following pages of “Nepal TV”; “Newspapers” and “Nepal Radio”.

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