Nightlife in Nepal, Entertainment

Nepal does not have the most active nightlife, yet it does exist and the young at heart will certainly be satisfied with the selection. Nepal's nightlife is focused around tourist areas, particularly Thamel in Kathmandu. The nightlife in Nepal has something to offer everyone.

Whilst most restaurants close at around 10:00 pm, many bars and clubs remain open until the early hours of the morning. A very popular form of nighttime entertainment in Nepal are the casinos. Kathmandu has four casinos situated at the top hotels. Casinos provide a variety of entertainment twenty-four hours a day. Most up-scale restaurants will present cultural shows for their patrons. Such shows feature brightly colored costumes with local music, songs and dances. The cultural shows usually begin at about 7:00pm. One of the most popular classical and folk dance groups in Nepal is the Himalchuli cultural group who are hosted at the Festival Restaurant and Bar. Look out for sign boards placed outside of restaurants advertising upcoming shows.

Various local bands play at venues in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Discotheques are very popular amongst tourist in Nepal and are a great way to just let go. You should note however that contact between men and women is frowned upon, therefore most dancing takes place with groups of the same sex. There are many bars and pubs in the Thamel area, each has its own character and theme.

Movie theaters in Nepal show only Bollywood Hindi movies, usually without English subtitles. Some people still enjoy going to watch such features as a cultural experience and you are sure to enjoy the vibrant colors and music. New venues have begun showing English language movies, however, they tend to be very far behind the western market. Certain restaurants in Thamel show movies on televisions that have just been released. You will have to eat at the restaurant to take advantage of this service. Signs are usually put up advertising the movies that are to be on display. Foreign language subtitled films can be viewed at the Russian Cultural Center at Kamal Pokhari.

Be sure to keep safe when enjoying the nightlife in Nepal and avoid any bars that may have a bad element. Let the adventures of daytime extend into night, by taking advantage of the various facets of Nepal’s nightlife.

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