Nepal Radio, Local Radio

The radio-based communications network in Nepal is quite a bit bigger than the TV networks. It is a simple fact that more people have access to radios in this country, which means the industry has a greater level of usefulness to the general public. Battery-powered radios can be found in even the furthest reaches of the country and as a result, a large number of transmitter towers dot the country.

The dominant network in Nepal is Radio Nepal and if you try to tune into any of the local stations you will usually find that the broadcasts are transmitted in Nepalese. Radio transmissions are made in medium and shortwave as well as FM and there are a large number of radio stations that work under the Radio Nepal network. Some independent radio stations run by rebels have been reported in some parts of the country.

Some of the more popular radio stations include Koshi FM, Hits FM, HBC FM, Kantipur FM, Image FM, Radio City, Star FM, Radio Sagarmatha and Metro FM. Radio Nepal also has several different stations of its own throughout the country. There are many more radio stations than this in existence and we would encourage you to scan the airwaves and see which you enjoy the most.

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