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While so many dream of climbing the world's highest peaks, there are others who would much rather read about it. Even if there are climbers out there getting ready to take on Everest, Annapurna or any of the other great mountains, experts always advise that climbers read some of the interesting and life saving Nepal expedition books available. There is no better way to learn about a mountain than to hear from professional mountain climbers, or first time climbers. Their personal experiences give readers insight into the challenges, dangers and exhilaration of summiting.

For those who are interested in knowing what lies ahead of them on a
mountain trek, they should read a book called “Footloose in the Himalayas”. It is written by Mike Harding and is a fascinating and very realistic book,
detailing events that take place during an expedition. Reading about first
time climbers such as Susan Ershler and her mountain loving husband’s
experience on the world’s most challenging mountains is insightful. Their
book is very appropriately named “Together on Top of the World”, and details
illness, devastation, determination and triumph. This quest was sparked in
the looming darkness of illness, during which Phil was diagnosed with
cancer. It is a wonderful journey and readers will find it extremely

Legendary climbers, such as Reinhold Messner, have also written books on
their experiences. Hearing it straight from the professionals is sometimes
eye opening and reassuring at times. If they have been doing it for so long,
then survival must be possible. Messner’s books, such as “The Crystal
Horizon”, “The Crystal Horizon: Everest – The First Solo Ascent” and “Second
Death of George Mallory: The Enigma and Spirit of Mount Everest”, are pages
filled with personal victories and tragedies. The “Ascent of Everest” by John
Hunt is another highly recommended book to purchase. Readers will also get
lost in books such as the “Ghost of Everest” and the “Detectives on Everest”,
written by Eric Simonson, detailing the expeditions of George Mallory.
Another heart rending tale is that of Kevin Flynn, as he shares his
emotional struggles and physical struggles in his book called “Mt. Everest:
Confessions of a Peak Bagger”. The “Seven Summits” that was written by Dick
Bass, Frank Wells and Rick Ridgeway is a true-life adventure that tells of
trust, friendship, tears and laughter. A journey that was shared between
friends, and that will never be forgotten. One of the most controversial
books that has ever come from the slopes of Mount Everest, is the book named
“Into Thin Air”. It was written by Jon Krakauer and in the book he details his
personal account, of the tragedy that struck this expedition in 1996. A
tragedy that took the lives of eight men and left few survivors behind to
relive the horrific experience for years to come.

There are so many Nepal expedition books to choose from, each retelling
their own personal story. The mountains and expeditions of Nepal will, no
doubt, ensure that there will be many more to follow.

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