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When visiting a foreign country, the best way to find out what is going on around you is usually by consulting local newspapers. Nepal is certainly no different and there are quite a large number of Nepal newspapers available in the country. Weekly Nepal newspapers are quite common but there are also a large number which are published daily. Newspapers in Nepal are printed in more than one language so if you do not understand Nepali, you may well find one in English with all the information you were looking for.

Nepalese newspapers generally publish information on a variety of local issues including current politics, events and celebrations occurring in the country. They may also cover prominent or interesting people and businesses. If you’re looking for accommodation or weather forecasts, you will also find this information in the newspapers. Newspapers in Nepal also feature advertisements from a variety of businesses so that you can know where to find great bargains. You will also find information regarding holidays, vacations, resorts and real estate. When it comes to financial investing, stock market and investment reports are also made available. Many visitors who intent to go trekking find that information regarding disputes in certain parts of the country is vital to ensure a safe trip.

When it comes to entertainment, newspapers in Nepal display current attractions at the local theatres and movies as well as keep those in the country up to date with the various activities and events that are taking place around Nepal. To help you get a better idea of what Nepal newspapers are available in the country, we’ve provided a list. Please remember that this list covers only the main (mainly English) newspapers in Nepal and that there are a number of smaller newspapers being published regularly in various cities and towns which may provide more accurate insight into local matters. We have also included one or two Nepal news websites which you can refer to if you are in another country or if you are at an internet café and don’t feel like buying a newspaper.

  • BigNepal (English)
  • The Himalayan Times (English)
  • Kantipur National Daily (English/Nepali)
  • Arghakhanchi Times (Nepali)
  • Nepal News (English)
  • Nepal Samacharpatra (English/Nepali)
  • The Rising Nepal (English)
  • Inside Nepal (English)
  • Nepali Post (Nepali)
  • (English)
  • News of Nepal (Nepali)
  • WN Nepal Post (English)
  • eKantipur (English)

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