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The French Embassy is located in the city of Kathmandu and provides vital Consular Services to the French residents in Nepal and to the French citizens that come to visit the country, as well as to Nepali residents who wish to travel to France. There is a long history between France and Nepal that has resulted in a strong relationship.

Evidence of French influence can be seen in historic attractions such as the National Museum of Nepal, which is also situated in Kathmandu. The museum, which was constructed in the 19th century, was built with the assistance of French engineers. Some of the valuable exhibits within the museum are testaments to the relations of the countries that are centuries old. On a trip to France, between 15 August 1850 to 10 October 1850, Prime Minister Jang Bahadur Rana was presented with a sword from Napoleon III and on 20 April 1949 relations between the two countries started to develop. One of the most memorable moments of this time, was the first time Annapurna was climbed by Louis Lachenal and Maurice Herzog. The French Embassy in Nepal was officially established in June 1967 and at the same time, Nepal opened an embassy in France.

The French Embassy maintains political relations with Nepal and represents France. They are responsible for working together with Nepal on various projects and initiatives, but also provide important services to the French citizens living in Nepal, as well as French tourists. They are able to assist with applications and issuing of different visas such as Airport Transit Visas, Transit Visas, Short Stay Visas, Tourist Visas, Long Stay Visas and Adoption Visas. Passport services are provided by the French Embassy, and they are also able to assist in emergencies such as death, illness and injury, natural disasters and civil unrest, and is center of information. Listings of medical centers, doctors and lawyers can be requested from the embassy and they can offer valuable information in regard to marriage, adoption and various other interests of concern.

It is recommended to contact the French Embassy in Nepal before arrival in the country to receive an overview of safety issues, laws and customs in Nepal. Always register with the embassy and provide them with a travel itinerary for emergencies.

French Embassy in Nepal
Lazimpat, BP 452, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: (+977 1) 441 2332 / 441 4734 / 441 8034
Fax: (+977 1) 442 3102 / 441 8288 / 441 9968

Please note: Contact details are subject to changes.

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