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The Australian Embassy in Nepal is focused on providing necessary services to citizens of Australia living in or visiting Nepal, as well as to Nepali people who wish to travel to Australia. The Visa Offices provide information about visa requirements for people wanting to enter into Australia or wanting to become a citizen of Australia. The Visa office also processes applications for visas and citizenship.

The Australian Embassy is involved with a ‘Direct Aid Program’ (DAP), which is focused on dealing with humanitarian hardships in selected countries. The goal of the DAP is also to grow the international relations Australia has and to advance public diplomacy objectives. The DA program is funded by the Australian Government and is controlled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Australian Development Scholarships program (ADS) provides an opportunity for people living in developing countries a chance to participate in full-time studies, whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate, in Australia. Each year up to one thousand Australian Development Scholarships are awarded to men and women living in one of the thirty-one countries that are part of this program.

You can find the Australian Embassy located at Bansba, Kathmandu, Nepal. If you would like to write to the Australian Embassy you can reach them at PO Box 879, Kathmandu. If you would like to phone the Embassy you can contact them at +977 1 4371 678 or you can fax them at +977 1 4371 533. The Consular Duty Officer is on duty twenty-fours hours and can be contacted using the following number +61 2 6261 3305 or you can use the toll free number, within Australia, 1300 555 135.

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