Phulchowki One-day hike in Nepal, Tours, Tourist Activities

Phulchowki is one of the highest hills that you can find surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. Standing at a height of 2782 meters it really is a must see especially if you would like to have a spectacular view of the Himalayas mountain range. The synonym Phul from Phulchowki means in Nepalese flower, of which there is a lot here.

The best way to explore the Kathmandu region is via one of the many hikes available to visitors in the area. It is not necessary to take a hike that will take you a couple of days to complete; there are many one-day hikes that give you an equally memorable experience. The one in particular that we will be talking about is the one-day Phulchouki hike.

The hike begins off with a delicious breakfast at one of the hotels and from there you are driven forty-five minutes to a place called Godavari which is south of Kathmandu. At Godavari you are able to take a few minutes to look around the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden. It would be best however to either leave this attraction to another day or at least until you get back as it takes four hours to complete the hike up the hill.

If it is beauty you are looking for then this is the right hike for you as Phulchowki has some of the most beautiful and unique flora in this region. You will be totally amazed at the incredible variety of vegetation that can be found here; it truly is a stunning hike so remember to bring your camera along. The plant life is not the only thing the Phulchowki hike is known for there is also a large variety of colorful birds and butterflies that inhabit this area.

Once you arrive at Godavari you then begin the hike that gradually takes you higher and higher up the Phulchouki hill. For four hours you are exposed to lush green sub-tropical vegetation until you get to the top of Phulchouki. Once there you can see the Buddhist shrine and enjoy the breath-taking views which are particularly stunning on a clear day. Then you can enjoy a bite to eat and an hour or two relaxing before carry on. Fortunately the hike back to Kathmandu only takes two and half-hours where you will be able to rest your weary body.

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