Champadevi Day Hike in Nepal, Tours, Tourist Activities

Near the sheltered valley of Kathmandu you will find at a height of 2285 meters a pilgrimage site called Champadevi. This site makes up one of the many one-day hiking routes that you can take starting off at Kathmandu.

Many people visit this part of Nepal to pay homage to the many gods in the Hindu and Buddhist religions at the temples and shrines found there. It is quite amazing to see so many temples almost on top of one another, especially if you visit the Durbar Square of Kathmandu. All of the temples found here are registered World Heritage Sites, an organization which takes the responsibility to look after and protect a variety of old buildings around the world.

Many of these temples are hundreds of years old and are considered by many to be sacred and holy places of worship that should be shown respect and honor by all those who enter into the temple. That is why people who are not part of the Hindu or Buddhist faith are prevented from entering into the temple but must be satisfied to view these beautiful buildings from the outside.

Apart from the temples, visitors have a wonderful opportunity to see authentic and traditional Nepalese houses and buildings while enjoying the wonderful culture, traditions and hospitality of the local people found in the Kathmandu valley. If that is not enough visitors are spoilt with the spectacular view of the majestic Himalaya Mountains that surround the valley.

Those who are enchanted by these mountains can take the opportunity to view them up closely when taking part in the one-day Champadevi hike. You will be exposed to plants and animals that are unique to this part of the world and even in Nepal. If you really want to explore Kathmandu and the surrounding areas then the Champadevi hike is the only way forward.

The hike starts off with a tasty meal at a hotel to provide you with the energy you will need. From there you will drive 16 km out of Kathmandu to Parping, which will take you to the Dakshinkali Temple if you carry on with the road. Once you arrive at Parping your hike begins taking a total of three hours up to Champadevi.

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