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Many visitors that come to Nepal look forward to exploring the breathtaking landscapes and unlimited beauty of the mountains on foot. Hiking and trekking outfits therefore offer visitors the opportunity to go on day hikes that last for a few hours and are not as exhausting and time orientated as week-long excursions. Day hikes are adventurous and usually have many spectacular sights and rest stops along the way. It is the perfect way to incorporate hiking in Nepal into your vacation schedule.

One of the more popular day hikes amongst visitors is hiking Shivapuri. The Shivapuri hike usually starts in Budhalkantha and detours through Nagigumpa. Shivapuri stands at a height of 2,563 meters and is located to the north of Kathmandu. It is one of the highest hills in the Kathmandu Valley. The entire Shivapuri area is known as a protected area that is home to a vast amount of endangered bird and animal species; included in these rare species are leopards, jungle cats and Himalayan Black Bears. Hikers can also look forward to seeing a large variety of mushroom species, approximately 127 bird species and 102 different species of butterflies. The two major rivers in the Shivapuri region are the Bisnuti and Bagmati rivers. This magnificent hill also comes alive with rhododendrons during the months of March and April and this wonderful variety is definitely one of the reasons that hiking Shivapuri is so popular.

The cherry and pine forest that hikers pass through to reach Nagigumpa is a spectacular sight and most visitors enjoy the ideal photographic opportunities that this part of the hike offers. Nagigumpa is also the location of the nunnery monastery and hikers are welcome to explore and investigate the building and surrounding grounds. From Nagigumpa, hikers will pass through a beautiful bamboo and oak forest and be able to get wonderful views of the Langtang, Dorie-Lakpa, Himal and Ganesh mountains. Hikers will then be nearing Budhalkantha. The entire journey, from Budhalkantha and back, takes approximately five to six hours, depending on the hiking group.

Hiking in Nepal can be an unforgettable experience and the Shivapuri hike is definitely just that. Hikers can also visit the quaint Shivapuri Village. It is a small and very remote village but, despite this, they do offer visitors accommodation if they would like to stay in the area and explore more of the region. It is highly recommended that hikers and visitors do not overlook this beautiful destination.

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