Mid Western (Madhya Pashchimanchal) Region, Nepal

Located between the Western and Far Western regions of Nepal, the Mid Western (Madhya Pashchimanchal) Region is one of the country's five Development Regions and has the city of Birendranagar as its headquarters. Birendranagar, which was named in honor of the late King Birendra, lies in the beautiful Surkhet Valley of the Mid Western Region and serves as the commercial center for surrounding rural villages and towns.

Birendranagar has a number of attractions for visitors to view and explore. There is a beautiful clock tower in Birendranagar which was erected as a joint effort between Nepal and Japan. There is also a park with fountains and a lake set in cultivated gardens, creating a mini-oasis in the bustling city for locals and visitors to enjoy. A domestic airport located at Birendranagar provides a convenient method of transport to the city from other parts of Nepal. The Dauit Bajai Hindu Temple in the city draws devotees from near and far to worship. The temple has been declared a national heritage site of Nepal, and as such also attracts tourists. Outside the city is the 12th century Hindu Buddhist temple of Kakre Bihar, set in exquisitely beautiful mountainous territory, the temple contains bronze statues of Hindu gods and goddesses as well as Buddha.

Other major towns located in the Mid Western Region of Nepal include Chinchu, Babiyachour, Tribhuvannagar (also known as Ghorahi) and Nepalgunj. Nepaljunj is located near the southern border of Nepal and is a convenient stop-over point on the way to India. It is also a major transportation and commercial hub for many of the Mid Western Region towns.

Activities in the Madhya Pashchimanchal Region include white water rafting on the Karnali River, trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing and various tours which include visits to rural villages, temples, and other places of interest in the various towns.

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