Kohalpur, Mid-Western Region, Nepal

Located in the Banke District in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Region of Nepal, the town of Kohalpur is surrounded by lush vegetation with scenic views of some of the country’s many majestic mountains. Kohalpur is believed by many to be one of the fastest developing towns in the country. Kohalpur has easy access to the East-West highway linking major towns in Nepal and is around 540 kilometers west of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. The neighboring city of Nepalgunj is located about 16 kilometers to the South between Kohalpur and the Indian border. Nepalgunj has a domestic airport and is a major transport junction, making it convenient for visitors and residents of Kohalpur to get to other parts of Nepal.

Agriculture, especially dairy farming plays an important role in the economy of Kohalpur. In addition to being a commercial center for the area, Kohalpur provides medical services to residents in the town and surrounding rural areas. A clinic provides outpatient services and the Kohalpur Teaching Hospital has facilities for longer stays, surgeries and a specialized pediatric ward. As the name suggests, this hospital is also used for training medical personnel. Kohalpur is administered by a Village Development Committee (VDC). This arrangement allows the residents of the town or village to have an element of responsibility in the development of facilities and infrastructure by liaising with government officials, non-government organizations (NGOs) and other agencies. Visitors will find Kohalpur to be a lovely town, with a good tourism infrastructure and everything necessary for a memorable stay.

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