Travel to Nepalgunj in Nepal

Not many visitors to Nepal will take the time to visit the mid-sized town of Nepalgunj. Located near the country’s southern border, Nepalgunj in Nepal is a great place to stop on the way to India. As one of the bigger towns in the Bheri Zone, it serves as a major transport hub for many of the western regions of Nepal. The town is located at a low elevation of approximately 150 meters (492.1 ft) above sea level and has roughly 65 000 inhabitants. The Nepalgunj Municipality is governed by a mayor who tries to see that all the needs of the city and the surrounding area are properly cared for. The town’s name may also be spelt ‘Nepalganj’ and this is a perfectly acceptable variation of the name.

The town of Nepalgunj has gained importance as a transport hub, a business center and as a place of religious significance. As a transport hub, the Nepalgunj airport plays a major role. This airport, which is also known as the Mahendra Airport after the late King Mahendra, provides air transport links with Kathmandu, Dolpa, Rukumkot and Simikot. Places such as Dhambojhi, Tribhuwan Chok, Sadar Line, Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, Koreanpur, Khajura and Belaspur are connected to Nepalgunj by road. When it comes to business, Nepalgunj serves as a meeting place for the Bheri, Rapti, Mahakali, Karnali and Seti regions. Thus people from all five regions are able to come to Nepalgunj for trade purposes.

Nepalgunj enjoys religious significance mainly due to the fact that the Bageshowri temple is located here. This temple is considered to be of the utmost importance for members of the Hindu faith, but it even holds some fascination for those who are not. The temple is home to a one-of-a-kind statue of Lord Shiva. The statue depicts this Hindu god with a mustache and is the only one of its kind in the world. It is interesting to note that people of all religions have made a home in Nepalgunj. Hence you will find people from the Hindu, Bhuddhist, Islamic and Christian faiths here. There have even been some atheists living in Nepalgunj. For the most part these different religious groups live in harmony and enjoy good relations. So visit this center of trade, transport and religion and discover Nepalgunj for yourself.

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