Expatriates of Nepal

Each year, Nepal sees a dozen or so individuals move to the country from other lands for various reasons. Unlike other emigrations, many of the people who move to Nepal do not do so for business reasons. The vast majority of expatriates in Nepal have moved to the country because of its spiritual qualities and emphasis on family life. Nepal expatriates generally learn a lot about life in their first few months of living in the country, but should they ever be motivated to leave, they certainly remember the time they spent here fondly.

If you’re trying to determine what it would be like to live in this beautiful country, you need to remember that living conditions and cultural standards are very different from what they would be in most western countries. Some find this reality a bit too hard to digest and they quickly move on. Others find that it helps remove the clutter of industrialised, modern life and helps them to find more meaning in life. Whatever the case, it is usually best to spend a bit of time visiting the country before making the leap to moving to Nepal.

Generally speaking, those that do best in the country should have a good sense of humour, abide by a high moral code, have a deep appreciation for other cultures and religions, enjoy relatively good mental and physical health, be able to understand various economic factors and enjoy good family dynamics. If you choose to move to Kathmandu you will likely find the transition a bit less difficult as this city offers good dining, brilliant accommodation, decent medical facilities, a wide range of western groceries, good schools and housing, affordable domestic help and variety of shops and cinemas – virtually everything you would make use of in your home country.

Often visitors find the hardest aspect of Nepali life to get used to is the use of domestic servants. However, it should be remembered that many of the modern conveniences available in western countries are non-existent in Nepal. A lot of the tasks made simpler by modern machinery are much more menial and time consuming. Besides this fact, many Nepalese are unemployed and welcome the opportunity to clean houses and do laundry as it is a way to earn a living. Whatever the case, Nepal expatriates are generally welcomed with open arms. If you find that you just can’t get your visit out of your mind, why not start looking into this option? You might even try chatting to a few expatriates in our forum pages to find out more first hand information.

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