Real Estate in Nepal, Property

Not many people are looking for real estate in Nepal because they don’t think of it as viable proposition. Truthfully, the country may still have a way to go before the economy meets its potential, but in the meantime, this hasn’t stopped many from purchasing real estate in Nepal. The country is filled with a fascinating people, incredible natural wonders and a brilliant spiritual atmosphere – the perfect combination for a great number of people. When you look at the details more closely, you may just find that Nepal real estate is worth every cent.

One factor that definitely counts in the country’s favour when it comes to foreign investment is the low rate of exchange when compared to that of other countries. This means you can pay relatively little for great properties in incredible locations. Size and location don’t matter so much when it comes to purchasing the real estate of your dreams. Of course, there are certain areas where it would be unsafe to purchase a home whilst other areas may be under strict government control and not open to foreign investors. Still, if you make regular pilgrimages to the country or even if you’d just really like a way to show the romantic peaks of Kathmandu to friends and family, Nepal real estate may be the best option for you.

Admittedly, Nepal may not be the ideal destination for a number of foreigners. They may find that they struggle to fit in with the local people or that they cannot cope with the way local business is done. But for those who have happily purchased real estate in Nepal, there is no compromise. These people may well tell you that living in Nepal is about culture, family values and spiritual awareness. For them there can be no substitute. For the rest of us, you can be sure that Nepal will reach the number one spot for foreign investing in only a few years.

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